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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish 03/24/17

It was a dream...alas not yet though. I am closing my doors until further notice. Thank you all for your interest and support.

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Re-purposed sweater part one 01/10/16

Recycling is nothing new to me, the latest trend of re-purposing clothes is ancient, and I love that as a society we are rediscovering our creativity by re-inventing, transforming, changing one item into another.

This started off as a men's size medium J. Crew sweater 100% wool, four times through the washer and dryer on hot felted it quite nicely. No I didn't take a photo of it before, I got so excited about making things from it I just forgot, so here it is in its post washed, post dissected state, complete with it's first project. The lower half of the sleeves are fingerless mitts, my hands get cold, but I still need to type and sew and use my fingers for various things. I had to m

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Disappearing act 01/04/16

Where on earth have I been?? well for the last 16-18 weeks, I have been at school. Yup, I have graced San Diego Mesa College Fashion Program with my glorious presence. I also crossed over into the Art Department with a course in Two Dimensional Design, required for the major, opened up a whole new world. So while I was waking up at 6 am and spending all day Tuesday and Thursday at school, pretty much everything here languished, except the fabric stash...that has grown by leaps and bounds spurred by my renewed joy in sewing and creating, now I just need to create some of this stuff that I am dreaming of and

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A Specially Made by Anne garment features:

  • Made to measure
  • Finest materials available for your budget
  • Couture details
  • Authenticity to original as much as modern materials, budget, and time will allow
  • Satisfaction in any portion of your garment that I can control

"When you order from me, you are assured the best costume that can be produced. Each construction detail will be addressed, the best fabrics you can afford will be used and I will work tirelessly, focusing on only your costume until it is completed and your CosPlay or Re-Enactment dreams can come true. If there is a new technique I will learn it. If I outsource, they have to meet my exacting standards before I work with them. It isn't just your dreams, it is my life."