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About Anne

I started sewing at the age of seven. I have grown up doing various needlecrafts; embroidery, knitting, crochet, quilting, etc. The creative process has always fulfilling and exciting to me. In 2000 I took my first theater job: Seamstress for the La Jolla Playhouse working on Thoroughly Modern Millie, which went on to Broadway. From that point on, sewing became my number one passion.

I was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism a non-profit educational group that studies and re-creates the time period roughly from the fall of the Roman Empire to the death of Queen Elizabeth I in all aspects including fighting, dancing, cooking, brewing, dressing, royalty, etc. In this group I had the opportunity to sew many types of garb including basic Viking aprons and tunics, Norman horseman's tunics, sideless surcotes, Elizabethan doublets and undergarments, gifts for other Baronies (chapters), and whatever else intrigued me. I was seamstress to two different royals. And while I will never make another one, while in the SCA I sewed 4 full sized tents.

In March of 2004 I quit my day job to work full time sewing. I have made five costumes from the epic movie series Star Wars, numerous Hawaiian shirts for my dad, themed aprons for my step- mom and her twin, as well as the various homework assignments for my studies in Fashion Design at San Diego Mesa College.

Later I joined a Star Trek fan group that not only did appearances at San Diego ComiCon, but also appeared as pirates at the Escondido Renaissance Faire and other similar venues. For this group I have clothed three different styles of Klingon (a warrior alien race from the Star Trek universe of beings) as well as various pirate clothes.

I enjoy a challenge as much as I enjoy simple work. Hawaiian shirts are as much fun as
Darth Vader was, one just takes longer.

White Treadle
Built in 1911, Cleveland OH.

This machine features a vibrating shuttle bobbin mechanism and is in working order. Treadle machines take practice to learn to use. This machine will be available for construction purposes in the future, however anything sewn on this machine will be subject to an extra fee.

Singer 99k
Built in 1955, Great Britian

This machine used to belong to a great lady also named Anne, she is no longer with us and the world is less interesting because of it. It also is in working order it has one stitch only, straight.

1964, Montgomery Ward Signature Portable

My parents bought this machine so my mom could sew her maternity clothes and my dad's dungarees. This was the machine I learned on, my first, my best. This is the machine that nearly gave it's life to quilt the leather for the Darth Vader Costume.