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Mar  24th,

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish  by Anne

Category: General

It was a dream...alas not yet though. I am closing my doors until further notice. Thank you all for your interest and support.

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Jan  4th,

Disappearing act  by Anne

Category: General

Where on earth have I been?? well for the last 16-18 weeks, I have been at school. Yup, I have graced San Diego Mesa College Fashion Program with my glorious presence. I also crossed over into the Art Department with a course in Two Dimensional Design, required for the major, opened up a whole new world. So while I was waking up at 6 am and spending all day Tuesday and Thursday at school, pretty much everything here languished, except the fabric stash...that has grown by leaps and bounds spurred by my renewed joy in sewing and creating, now I just need to create some of this stuff that I am dreaming of and buying fabric for.

But classes were Fashion 130, basic garment construction...yes I had to take it in order to take another class, despite my many years of sewing and constant education on my own to learn new techniques, this class still taught me a few new things, mostly how to explain things to other people so they can understand. I spent a great deal of my class time helping those students who had never sewn a thing in their lives as a result neither of my garments were complete when they were due, but I am okay with that, I have the little girl's dress, and the shirt and there's nothing that says I can't complete them at home in my own time (which is precisely what I intend to do).

Art 150A two dimensional design, this was amazing I got to spend 3-4 hours twice a week painting, drawing, and working with simple shapes, encouraged and guided by a wonderful teacher. And I explored and attempted to conquer and overwhelming fear of mine with a modicum of success. My mother was an artist, as was her mother, and her grandfather (my great grandfather), as well as my Uncle, he was a sculptor as well as a successful inventor. I live in an art gallery, seriously. This class gave me a confidence and unlocked the creativity that was nearly destroyed over a decade ago. Never let anyone put down your art, whatever that art is.

Fashion 178 computer portfolio and design learning a new computer program on a completely different OS was fun, frustrating, but fun. InDesign is an Adobe product and with it you can design any sort of layout for ads, business cards, newsletters, invites, anything that a printer would do, you can design in this program. This class as a whole works with the Promotion class in order to create all the media for the Golden Scissors Fashion Show coming up May 16, 2016 (link forthcoming when there is one) (you should go, I might be showing something there). What this course did teach me, was the basic principles of design and layout to create a visually interesting page, either print, web or even a business card.

I have the next 22 days off, then I am back at it for more classes, this time writing will be thrown into the mix, but stay tuned as I will be making time to update all my loyal followers with my various creations.

Thank you all for your support.

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