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Mar  16th,

Where did I go?  by Anne

Category: Off Topic

Fantastic. I go and start a webpage and a blog, then disappear for a month. And it wasn't even for sewing, not directly. I spent this past month finishing up my little work shed. All my tools, gardening implements, camping gear, holiday decorations and water heater need to fit in a space that is 11'5" by 5'5". This project has been half finished for about 9 months and needed to happen. Rather than spend half a day finding all the parts and pieces to do a "quick little job" I can now go in, find the tools that I need, the hardware in mere moments with hardly any fuss, get the job done, and get back to the real business of sewing stuff. The walls were primed and painted a lovely color called Candlelight. Hand-me-down bookshelves hold most of my camping gear and hardware, adjustable bracket shelves hold my hand tools. A rolling Elfa bin holds task specific items (one drawer has all my painting goodies, another has furniture refinishing, etc.) and later this month a rolling cabinet will be built for my last year's Yule gift to myself, a compound miter saw. So yes I do other things besides sewing, but almost everything I do is in support of getting me more time to sew.

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