Corset Supplies by Anne

Posted on March 24th, 2015 at 8:25 PM

Corset Supplies

I usually order my corsetry supplies on line from various suppliers, but recently I got to go to Richard the Thread located on La Cienega in Culver City (not Los Angeles). What a wonderful boost for creativity, being with someone who was a complete stranger, yet so friendly and welcoming! The shop is a decent size, everything fits with room for more goodies. Neatly laid out, with everything organized and labeled. There is an enormous sorting cabinet for all the bones and busks. I bought my first spoon busk. I didn't want to get one until I could touch it and see how it would go on my body (shipping, returning, etc. such a hassle sometimes). So I stocked up on black and white coutil, lacing tips and some good white grommets. Had an educational conversation about piercing holes for grommets. Use a leather belt punch, they are slightly smaller than the grommet shank and the grommet punch so the grommet/eyelet will hold the fabric better. Then we talked about dying the white grommets, I was shown grommets, lacing, and ribbon that had all been dyed purple. They were different materials so the intensity was different, but they were all the same hue and now I can do custom colored grommets for corsets. Next up in the experimentation list is lacing bones.