Re-purposed sweater part one by Anne

Posted on January 10th, 2016 at 11:42 PM

Re-purposed sweater part one

Recycling is nothing new to me, the latest trend of re-purposing clothes is ancient, and I love that as a society we are rediscovering our creativity by re-inventing, transforming, changing one item into another.

This started off as a men's size medium J. Crew sweater 100% wool, four times through the washer and dryer on hot felted it quite nicely. No I didn't take a photo of it before, I got so excited about making things from it I just forgot, so here it is in its post washed, post dissected state, complete with it's first project. The lower half of the sleeves are fingerless mitts, my hands get cold, but I still need to type and sew and use my fingers for various things. I had to make one alteration to the seam above the thumb, angling it in to fit the curve of my hand, and after several attempts at embellishment, I opted for fleece binding (google search here). I am not done yet though, I think a beaded snowflake on the back of each mitt will look nice, in black to match the binding. The collar will be made into a headband complete with floral embellishment (that might be the upper sleeves, not sure) and the body of the sweater is going to be made into a stocking cap.