Pirate Coat Very fashionable for the time.

Project Description

Bad Ass Pirate Coat and Weskit... or waistcoat if you feel the need to spell it out, but it is properly pronounced "weskit". I loved making this one. Correct for the early to mid 1700's, this was made from an upholstery fabric that Tom found while we were at JoAnn's ETC in Temecula, lined with Casa Satin in Black, interlined with silk organza and the buttons and buttonholes reinforced with a woven interfacing. It isn't clear in this fabulous photo of Tom, but the fronts match. Something I love doing. But I intentionally made the pattern offset. Later if I use this same fabric on say a stomacher for a corset on another costume, the "onion" design will be centered.

I love making vests, and that is all the weskit is, a vest with long fronts and a lot of buttonholes. I had this one done so fast, I didn't even take construction photos of it.

Project Elements - Overall 67% complete

  • Pirate Coat (Labor) 100% complete
  • Weskit (Labor) 100% complete
  • Pants (Short) (Labor) - Note: Period Correct 65% complete
  • Pants (Long) (Labor) - Note: Long to tuck into boots 25% complete
  • Shirt (Labor) - Note: Lace at cuffs, tie closure, white linen 100% complete
  • Pirate Boots (Labor) - Note: Leather High Top 10% complete